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Year Page contents    (All Years include Top Men's & Women's Titleholders, Rankings and Administrative People)

1934-1958   |  1959-1983

1984 NZTTA Turns 50
World Cup Qualification Tournament
Three Grand Slams
North Island Final - Sweat Ball
Japanese Tour
NZ Beats Australia Queensland Open
Two New International Umpires
NZ in XD Final at Australian Junior Champs
Big Year for Coaching
Uncertain Start National Boys' Coaching School
Junior Travellers
Bill Mullins Dies
Australian Vets Champs Inaugurated
NZTTA Links with Other Sports
Round Table Experiment

1985 English Coach as Director of Coaching
NZ Champs Break the Mould
Ken Wilkinson Retires
Bronze Medal at Commonwealth Champs
World Teams Revamp
Drop in Participation Figures
Juniors Take on Australia
World Cup
Australian Junior Champs
Plug Pulled on Televised Tournament
NZ Coach at Fiji Olympic Course
Queensland Open
NZer Wins Over 60 at Australian Vets Champs
Hec Pyle Dies
NZTTA Accepted as Member NZ Olympic Assn

1986 Two Titles at Oceania Champs
Huge TT Exposure in Schools
Marketing Urged
Regional Coaching Proposals Outlined
Rating System Introduced
Asian Champs Give NZ'ers Exposure
NZTTA Management Structure Changes
Medals Introduced at NZ Champs
Coaching, Training, Summer Camp
Under 15 Events added to Australian Junior Champs
New Executive Officer Appointed
Invitations for Assns to Pool Resources
Queensland Open
Franklin Changes Name
Point Being Made - Suits at NZ Open

1987 Big Sponsorship Deal Secured
Olympic Qualification - Two NZ Players Qualify
Junior Age Groups Change
National Council Settles In
World Championships
Olympic Solidarity Course
Chinese Star Makes Her Mark in NZ
NZ Champs for Veterans Introduced
Basing Seedings on Ratings Criticised
Australian Championships
International Tournament of Noumea
Hillary Commission Launched
Slow Start to Regional Coaching
Poverty Bay Disaffiliates
Bat Rubbers Colours Defined

1988 First Olympic Games for TT
Oceania Champs
Champaign Year for Barry Griffiths
KiwiSport Table Tennis Starts
NZ'ers On World Ranking List for First Time
World's Top TT Official Visits NZ
Top Twelve Tournaments
Big TT Event - Australia's Bi-Centenary
NZ'ers Tap Into High Performance Fund
VIP Treatment at Asian Champs
New Age-Group Event in Australia
Two Disaffiliations
Australian Veterans Champs
New International Umpire
Magazine Launched

1989 Exhibition TT Returns to NZ
Commonwealth Champs
World Champs
World Event Hosted

Australian Junior Champs - NZ Not There
Asian Champs
First Use of Computers at National Event
International Tournament of Noumea
Graded Events Added to National Tournaments

World Cup
National Director of Coaching to New Post
Australian Veterans Champs
Asian Juniors
New Uniform for Juniors
National Office Expands
North Shore Name Change

1990 Oceania Champs
Oceania - NZ on Show
World Cups Aplenty
Australian International Champs
Worlds Veteran Title to First NZ Champion
Olympic Course
Cost Allocation of NZTTA to Assns
Australian Age Group Champs
Keith Longmore Dies
New International Umpire
Treasurer Steps Down

1991 World Championships
Coaching Funding Boosted
Three NZ'ers Qualify for Olympics
Top Honour for Ken Wilkinson
NZ Dominates Noumea Tournament
World Cup
NZ Invited Austr Junior Champs
Plans for Elite League Shortlived
Hutt Valley Fights For Refund
Hamilton Association Changes Name to Waikato

1992 Olympic Games - Barcelona
Kiwi Table Tennis
New Singles Draw NZ Champs Triggers Controversy
World Cups
Big Group to China for Training
Asian Championships
Strategic Plan Devised
Australian Junior Championships
Les Elliott Dies
ITTF Ambassadors Visit
Junior Player Memorialised
North Taranaki Re-affiliates

1993 Fee Structure on Population Base
Peter Hirst Relinquishes Coaching Position
World Champs
Men's World Cup
Age-groups Added Oceania Champs
Singles Group Play in NZ Champs
Kiwi TT Manual Launched
International Tourn in Noumea
Australian Junior Champs
Training Trip to Malaysia
Association Awards
East Waikato & Mid-Canterbury Disaffiliate

1994 Major Changes to NZ Champs
Oceania Champs
Malcolm Temperley & Graham Lassen Die
Coaching Restructure
Exposure of TT in Schools
Commonwealth Champs
World Veterans Champs
National Lottery - Change of Prize
Australian Junior Champs
Asian Senior Champs
Australian Veterans Champs
Association Award to Wanganui
Drug Testing Starts
NZ Contributes to Austr Magazine

1995 World Championships
Northland Hosts NZ Champs
Singles Groups Gone, Division Events In NZ Champs
Planning Workshops Held
Ratings Computerised
Commonwealth Champs
Australian Junior Champs
Big Year for Representation Overseas
National Lottery Swansong
Umpires - New Qualification Level
Test Series in Fiji

1996 NZTTA  becomes TTNZ in Restructure
"Outsider" Alan Hounsell Elected Chairman
NZ Hosts Oceania Champs
Olympic Games - Atlanta
Merv Allardyce Retires
Australian Champs
Table Tennis Info Magazine Launched
Bid to Host 2000 World Vets Champs
Interisland Matches Discontinued
Seniors & Juniors Separated at NZ Champs
Nelson Creates a TT Academy

1997 Ken Wilkinson Dies
Li Chunli Finishes 3rd in World Cup
Commonwealth & World Champs
New Executive Director Appointed
Olympic Solidarity Coaching Course
Peter Jackson at Men's World Cup
NZ Competes at Asian Junior Champs
Under 20 Development Trip Sth Australia
Technical Committee Formed
Nth Island Champs in New Nth Harbour Stadium

1998 Chunli Beats World No 2
NZ Wins at Oceania Champs
National Dev. Officer & Coach Positions Created
NZ Performs Well at Asian Champs
Large Coaching Course Held
Executive Director & Dev Officer Tour NZ
First Summer Nationals Held
Website Set Up
School Teams Champs Open To All
Table Tennis Week
TT Info Magazine Mailed to All
Frank O'Gorman Dies
Individual Member Registration Introduced
Computers Cause Confusion at NI Champs
Media Scrum After Towelling Incident

1999 Hall Of Fame Inaugurated
World Champs
Juniors Do Well in Australia
Development Tours
Kiwi TT Manual Revamped
Oceania Qualifying Tourn - Olympics, World Cups
NZ Tour by China Falls Through
TTNZ Admin Changes - Mike Brown Leaves
Chairman & Treasurer John Beatson Steps Down
Cathy Tadema Dies

2000 Sydney Olympics
NZ Officials at Olympics & Paralympics
World Team Champs
Commonwealth Champs
Exhibition by Czech Players
Three Attain International Umpire Qualifications
Oceania Champs
Ron Menchi Retires from TTNZ
New Canterbury Stadium Opens
Alf Harding & Garry Frew Die
Umpires Committee Formed
Trevor Flint & Robin Radford New Life Members
Hillary Commission Funds Booklet
Australian Academy Team Visits NZ

2001 Table Tennis Included in Commonwealth Games
World & Commonwealth Champs
Ball Changes Size
Life Membership for Ron Garrett

Junior Development Officer Appointed
Facilitator Leads Development Seminar
John Lelliott Dies
Northland Hosts Training World Champs
Peter Jackson Competes with World's Best
NZ invited to Junior Tourn in China
Auckland Secretary Steps Down
Change at National Office
New Rules NZ Champs Team Competition
College Student wins Science Prize.

2002 NZ Wins Gold at Commonwealth Games
Video Analysis Aids Games Success
Top Swedish Coach in NZ
World Cadet Challenge
New Coaching Positions
NZ'er Umpires Commonwealth Gold Match
NZ'ers in China
Koreans in Christchurch
NZ's First International Referee
TT Info 21st Issue
Tanya Hefferan Dies
Wellington & HV Assns Merge
Great Team Wins Over Austr at Oceania

2003 World Junior Circuit held in Wellington
WorldsTeams Separated from Individual Champs
SPARC Reclassifies All Sports
Former Chairman John Stewart Dies
NZ at World Junior Champs
NZ'er Manages Wheelchair Umpires
Annual Meetings Location
Australian Youth Olympic Festival
Aaron Li Denied Record
Elite Coaching Course
Staff Changes at National Office
NZ International Umpire Earns Blue Badge
Helen Codlin Wins Scholarship

2004 NZ Team Wins in Oceania
Oceania - Best Ever Champs
Olympic Games - Athens
James Morris "Retires"
Commonwealth Champs
World Teams Champs
Alan Hounsell Vacates Board
Bill Hurrey Dies
David Jackson Contract Ends
NZ Juniors in Swedish Training
AGM Moves Away From Wellington

2005 NZ to Host 2008 World Junior Champs
Li Chunli Retires
Russell Algie & Errol Cheal Die
NZ Girls in World Junior Champs

CEO Appointed
Last Issue of TT Info
World Cadet Challenge
NZ'er reaches Austr Open Semi
World Individual Champs

Malcolm Darroch Wins in Austr Vets
Mental Coach Appointed
Entry Control Moves to Technical Comm.
Hall of Fame Inductions

New Awards Introduced

2006 Good International Performances by NZ'ers  
Barry Butler Dies
World Teams Champs - Germany
Girls at World Junior Champs
Clothing Sponsorship 
Large Grants Increase
New Software Introduced

2007 Participation Manager Role Created 
NZ Girls at  World Junior Champs 
NZ Women 3rd at Commonwealth Champs
NZ'ers Compete at World University Games
Permanent Training Facility
CEO Leaves

2008 Year of Changes
NZ Withdraw From Hosting World Event
Top NZ Player Passed Over for Olympic Selection
World Team Champs
Bill Fogarty Dies
AGM Debates Handbook
Electronic Newsletter Launched
Juniors Win Gold at World Junior Circuit
NZ Girls at World Junior Champs


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