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Year Page contents    (All Years include Top Men's & Women's Titleholders, Rankings and Administrative People)

1934 NZ Table Tennis Association Established
Groundwork Already Laid for Organised TT
Officials Get to Work
First Champions

1935 Two More NZ Champions Large Player and Admin Base in Wellington First AGM

1936 Officials Tour South Island
AGM Discusses Attracting Overseas Players
Fixing Fees Debated
Third NZ Champs: Junior Events Introduced

1937 Hungarian Stars Visit
Publicity Coup by Future NZ Secretary
North & South Island Champs Introduced
Net Lowered
Development in Provincial Centres
Australian Team Visit Discussed
Trophies For Champion Associations Presented
NZ Joins International Body

1938 Superstar Visits NZ
Laszlo Bellak
Hungarian Tour Delights
Auckland Dominates NZ Champs
TT's Vice-Regal Status
President Visits ITTF
More Associations Affiliate

1939 First NZ Team Sails Overseas
NZ Triumphs in Adelaide & Melbourne
Off the Boat, Onto the Table
Praise in the Press
Don't Forget South Island
Hungarian Tours - Almost Three
Algie Wins His First NZ Champs
TT Stats from Great Britain
Constitution to be Revised
Debate over Dual Roles
NZ Represented at ITTF Meeting

1940 Clouds of War
Algie Tested at Nationals
Inter-Provincial Champs Launched
Australia & US Visit Japan
Stratford & Christchurch Host Island Champs
Frank Paton: First Triple Champ
Dual Roles Again Debated

1941 Tournaments Curtailed Throughout the War
Inter-Provincial Event Held
Enthusiasm But No Balls
Wellington Administrators Mix it With Players
TT War Casualities Remembered
Wartime Affiliation Fees Difficulty
War Bit Like TT

1942 Wartime Shortage of Players and Administrators
Chairman Surprised
Two On-Going Debates
Wartime Ball Shortage
American Marines Play TT in NZ

1943 Wartime TT Minders Meet
Interclub Participation Reaches Lowest Point
Inter-Association Events Maintained
Flying Officer's Death Memorialised
Flood of Inter-Association Trophies Presented

1944 End of War in Sight - Big Plans
Servicemen Conduct Pacific Champs
Military TT A-Plenty
Marlborough & Canterbury Emerge
Debate Over Junior Age-Groups
Finances Helped by Art Union
Young TT Talent Lost
Improvement in Ball Supply

1945 Major Tournaments Revived
Intense Competition NZ Titles
Russell Algie: Champion
Marathon Tournnament for R/U
Attempt Limit NZ Champs Field
Sth Isl Champs Restart
TT at University Champs
TT Re-awakens in Canterbury
Sth Taranaki Welcomed
Balls Keep Arriving
Ballinger Thanked

1946 Postwar Surge
Revivals, Affiliations and Innovations
North Wins First Inter-Island Contest
National Club Team Competition
NZ Champs: Ken Cantlay's Comeback
Auckland Stumbles as Host of Teams Events
First Ranking List Published
Who's Best? Algie or Cantlay?
North Island Champs Revived
Another War Legacy - Laurie Sweetman Memorial Shield
Ball Shortage Over

1947 NZ Champs Titles Change Hands - Again
North Island Still Wins - Just
Tragic Deaths Follow Women's Trophy Presentation
Progressive Chairman Steps Down
Margaret Hoar - New Star at North Islands
Attempts to Attract Overseas Visitors
Three More Associations Affiliate

1948 NZ Player Competes at World Championships
Russell Algie - Juryman
Media Under-Estimates Margaret Hoar
Algie Stumbles
TT "Show Biz" Style
More Rankling Over Rankings
No More Finger-Spin Serving
Overseas Experience for Sisters
More New Affiliations

1949 Barna Returns - Gruelling Schedule
Barna & Bergmann Challenge Audience
Test Matches: NZ v England
Watch TT at Movies
NZ Champs - Algie Back
Ballinger Steps Dowm
Women's Matches Now Best of Five
First President Dies
Offer of Barna Cup Accepted
NZ Trio Sets Out For 1950 World Champs

1950 First NZ Team at World Championships
International Politics - First Hand Account
Close-up View of Communism
Algie Retires (For Now)
Triumph for Bob Jackson at NZ Champs
First Barna Cup Presentation
Table Tennis Film Made by Auckland TTA
Hoar & Jackson Signal Intentions at Norths
Negotiations for International Visits
Another NZ Team Approved for World Champs
NZ Table Tennis Assn, Incorporated

1951 World Champion Visits NZ
Leach & Haguenauer Assess NZ TT
NZ Team at World Champs - Again
Professional Coach, or 1952 World Champs?
World Champs Decision Spoils Mixed Doubles Plans
Welcome back, Algie
NZ Champs: All Eyes on Algie, Jackson, Hoar & Leathley
Inter-Island Contest Hits Rocks

Annual General Meeting Plans Ahead

1952 Japan Drops Bombshell At Worlds
NZ Welcomes Professional Coach
NZ Champs Go International
NZ Star Shines in Australia
1954 World Champs - We're Going This Time
Another New Star Bursts onto the Scene
1953 Visit by World Champion English Twins Possible
Long Debate on Shorts

1953 Rowe Twins Visit NZ
NZ Players Against the World-Class Twins
NZTTA Answers Itinerary Critics

Women's Attire: Shorts or Skirts
Media Interest in NZ Champs
1954 World Champs Team Announced
Canterbury Protest Over Selections
Algie Finally Retires
Crossley Win Celebrates Queen's Coronation
Death of Arthur Meachen

1954 NZ's First Official Team to Worlds
Error-Ridden Men's Final at Worlds
Richard Bergmann Returns
All Eyes on Worlds Team at NZ Champs
Weather-Related Interruptions
Sponge Bats Take Off in NZ
NZTTA Takes Over National Tournament Draws

First Open Champion Wins First Veterans Championship
Former NZer Wins Australian Title
Early Attempts to Attract Japanese Stars Fail
Umpire Qualification Scheme Introduced
Ten Year Old Wins North Island Under 16 Singles

1955 Talking Point of the Year: Sponge Bats
Success at NZ Champs for June Magorian
Women Play Inter-Island Contest - By Default
"Player of the Year" Award Introduced
Succession of Plans For International Tours Fall Through
Marathon Match
Franklin Stands Alone
Opotiki Given a Nudge

1956 NZer Becomes Champion of Australia
NZ Champs: Sponge Debate Heads South
Foster Family Makes Its Mark
Men & Women Combine for Inter-Island Contest
Tangle Over Sunday Sport
Inter-Association Trophies Update

1957 World's Two Best Players in NZ
International Debut for Bryan Foster
Japan Tour Plans - Nightmare
First NZ Woman at World Champs
Japan Dominates
Bittersweet Success for Women in Australia
Neti Davis Outshines Stars at NZ Champs
Fire Haunts NZ Champs
Player of Year: Margaret Hoar
Equal Voting for All
AGM About Turn on Sponge Bats
Death of Arthur Marshall
All-Time Peak for Interclub Participation

1958 Jackson Retains His NZ Title - Just
Teams Contests Cast Doubts Over Seedings
Margaret Hoar Moves to Australia
Sponge Debate Showdown
Upsets at South Island Champs
Women's Veteran Events Introduced
Women's Team for 1959 World Champs?
Umpire Qualification Scheme Takes Off

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