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Year Page contents    (All Years include Top Men's & Women's Titleholders, Rankings and Administrative People)


1959 First NZ Women's Team at Worlds
How Not to Enter A World Championship
Thick Sponge Bats Outlawed
Bob Jackson's Long Reign Ends
Juniors Surprise Top Women's Seed
Teams Format at NZ Champs Changes
25th Jubilee
Fluorescent Lighting Accepted
Coaching Schools Introduced
TT Leads Way with Sunday Sport
Star Players Visit East Coast

1960 Japanese World Champs Visit NZ
Hutt Valley Does Homework on Pen-Grip
Small Town NZ Runs Nationals
Northland's Rise to Power
Australia Visits
Developments in Central Nth Isl
Eventful Raffle Year
Fee Increase Debate at AGM
Officer Insulted
New Coaching Schools Leader
NZ to Attend 1961 Worlds

1961 TT Makes World Headlines
Miss K Leads the Way
Change to Pen-Grip, Urges Captain
Loop Drive Imported
Trivial Dispute Bans Top Player
NZ Champs Report
Semaphore Board Experiment Fails
Auckland Finally Toppled
Rotorua Hosts North Island Champs
Future Chairman Draws a Crowd
Membership Dropping
Table Tennis on TV
Ohakune Finds a TT Home

1962 Two-Man NZ Team to Australia
Bergmann Offer Too Expensive
Year of Three-in-Rows
Dedicated Player Threatens at Nationals
Ballinger Cup for NZ Junior of Year
Light Colours Out, Expedite In
Long & Short Debates at AGM
Norm Ballinger Steps Down
Five New Life Members
Table Tennis OE for NZ Group
New Age-Group Added to NZ Open

1963 "Secret" Trip to World Champs
Seven Cross Tasman for Australian Open
Alan Tomlinson Plays Internationally
Bangs & Whimpers at NZ Champs
"Unpleasant" Debate at AGM
Otago Assn Buys Own Building
Waikato Splits into Three
Whangarei North Islands Too Far Away
South Islander Wins Player of Year
Crowd Flocks to Mercantile Tourn. in Poverty Bay
Pacific Games Held in Suva
Top NZ Men in Golden Games Masterton
TV Coverage Building Up
Competitor Dies Playing TT

1964 Australia Tours NZ
Where are NZ's Under 19 & 20 Internationals
Post Section format ends for NZ teams tourn
NZ TT Stars at New Rotorua Multi Sports Stadium
Coaching Schools for Sth Islanders
NI Champs at New Plymouth
World Endurance Ping-Pongathons

1965 Australian Star Plays in NZ Champs
Grades & Promotion/Relegation Introduced
Three Aucklanders Play in Australian Open

National Development Programmes
Round Robin Tournaments
Tommy Williams Retires
Wild Weather South Island Champs
BIll Mullins Sets Record Service on NZTTA
North Island Entry Tests Facilities
Junior Rankings Introduced

1966 First Ever Series Win Over Australia
NZ off to the World Championships
Sponsored Junior Team Tounament
Barna Cup Awards now for Men & Women
South Islander wins NZ Open Singles
University Teams Tour Australia
Round Robin Tourn. Recorded for TV
Poverty Bay Hosts First North Islands
Inter-Assn Teams Contests now 11 Matches
Waitemata Association Affiliates
National Raffle

1967 NZ Attends Its Third World Champs
Ten Shillings a day!!
England & NZ Play Five Tests
Development Ideas of Assns
Service Rule Change
Maori Champs in Poverty Bay
University Tournament
National Boys Brigade Tournament

1968 South East Asia Championships
Bryan Foster Wins Treble
Canterbury Coach Fact Finding Overseas
Australian Star returns to Coach in NZ
Northland Teams Reign Supreme
Neti Traill Makes Impressive Comeback
Australian Universities Visit
Paddy O"Driscoll Dies
Raffle - Bigger Profit
Death of Two Juniors
New Umpires Test Papers Issued

1969 Mixed Australian Team Visits
Two of the Best From the Past
Teenagers Meet in NZ Open Singles Final
Viktor Barna Returns
Memorable NZ Champs for Tomlinson
Record Entries at Nationals
Three From One Family in Top 10
Married Couple Attain Life membership

1970 Swedish Spectacular
Records Tumble at NZ Champs
New Stars Emerge
NZ Director of Coaching Appointed
Auckland TT Stadium Built
Great NI Champs
John Stewart Retires
Kapiti Assn Gains Full Membership
Richard Bergmann Dies
Paciic Island Teams Visit
Northern Districts R/R Launched

1971 Ping Pong Diplomacy
Big Lead-up to Nagoya World Champs
Hong Kong Stars Tour
Under 18's Dominate NZ Champs
South Island beats "New Zealand"
Selectors get it Right with James Morris
China Accepts Invitation to Tour NZ
Broadcaster Sponsors Televised Tourn.
Famous Families Foremost at Sth Island
Junior Players Train in Korea
Finest Hour for Jubilee Organiser
Youngster Dominates Maori Champs

1972 China TT Visits NZ - History made.
Ramon La Varis
Test Matches v China
More TT on TV
Canterbury Triumphs in NZ Teams
Senior Training Squads Introduced
Asian Federation Champs
Team for 1973 Worlds
Umpires Association Formed

1973 Japan Back in NZ
Commonwealth & World Champs
National Director of Coaching
NZ Clubs Teams Champs Revived
Youth Dominates NZ Champs
Player Rating System
South Island Stars
Central Waikato Disaffiliates
New Fashions & Problems

1974 NZ Women in Asia
Czechoslovakia Visits NZ
1934 Final Re-enacted at NZ Champs
NZ Tours China
K Wilkinson's 25 Years as Secretary
Australian Champ in NZ
Auckland Assn Celebrates 50 Yrs
Fee Structure Change
Surprise Selection World Champs
Training in Japan for Juniors
NZ Rep on NZTTA Executive

1975 Silver Medal at Commonwealths
Boisterous & Eventful World Champs

Professional Coach Tours NZ
French Invasion at NZ Champs
French Exhibition
Bryan Foster's Swansong
Thirty Chinese Coaches help NZ
Top Two Australian Women Tour NZ
James Morris Invited to Japan
Afffiliation Fees Revisited
Opening Hamilton Stadium

1976 NZer in Australian Open Doubles Final
Tour Plans Tumble
James Morris: New National Champ
Women's Exhibition Singles Added to TV Tourn.
Nationwide TT Week Introduced
Ruling Bars Top NZer from NZ Teams Champs
Auckland Raises Funds For Top Junior
Publicity Man Hikes to Get Reports Out
Another Newcomer to NZ Team to Worlds
Votes Counted at AGM
Associations Queue to Play Northland Juniors
A Marathon Year

1977 Africans Stay Away From Champs
NZ Holds Own at Worlds
East & West Still Don't Meet
NZ Does Well at Commonwealths
NZs Build-up Spans Five Countries
International Tour - Australia Replaces Hungary
$10,000 TV Tournament in Australia
Snubbed Australian at NZ Champs
Anne Stonestreet Ends International Career
Celebrities in Ping-Pongathon
Multi-Sport Coaching Seminar
Sponsor Backs School Teams Final
Tragic Death of Popular Visitor to NZ
AGM Continues to Tinker With NZ Champs
New Star Emerges aged 13
TT Becomes Olympic Sport
TT Admin Becomes Professional

1978 New International Event - Oceania Champs
Selection Furore
New Events for Juniors
Brother & Sister Win NZ Singles Titles
First Paid Coach
Four Chinese Coaches Visit NZ
Alan Tomlinson Sets Ranking Record
Japanese Visit to Auckland Open
National Schools Final
Sponsorship of National Clubs Teams Tourney Ends
Banner Headlines in Fiji for Northland Visit
Two Associations in Recess

1979 North Korea Hosts Worlds
English Coach Visits
NZ Open Junior Entry Rockets
Battle of the Champs
NSW Players Visit
NZ Teams on Tour
Drama at South Island Champs
Tomlinson & Lassen Make Mark in NI Doubles
Sponsored Exhibitions
Table Tennis Week Stutters to Halt
Two Keiths Attend International Umpires' Seminar

1980 Chinese Welcomed Back to NZ
TV Exhibition Trumps Test Match
Under 16's Wreak Havoc at NZ Champs
Unique Auckland Team
Barry Griffiths: Player of Year
Juniors in Australia
Peter Hirst Returns
Shift in Men's Ranking List
Auckland Busy Organising Tours
Off and On Again World Events
Death of Alan McCallum
NZ's First International Umpires Qualify

1981 NZ's "Olympics"
World Champs Par for the Course
(Nearly) All-Morris NZ Championships
Junior-of-all-trades Wins Award
Treble Junior Treble at North Islands
One Stadium Opens, Another Burns
Peter Hirst Legacy: Coaching Manual Published
International Training for Barry Griffiths
No Success at Australian Open
Juniors Tackle Australia: Plenty of Success
Auckland Host NSW Women
Umpiring Awards for Juniors Introduced
Queen's Honour for TT Administrator

1982 Three Oceania Titles Retained
Commonwealth Championships
NZ Championships - Griffiths/Jackson Era Begins
Alf Harding Retires From NZTTA Chair
Oceania World Cup Qualifier
New North Island Champion
Another English Coach
New Dates for Coaching Schools
Sudden Death of Top Umpire
Tough Challenge for Juniors in Australia
Popular Tournament in New Plymouth
Barry Wynks, QSM

1983 Peter Jackson's First World Championships
Women Start Well at Commonwealths
Major Historical Undertaking
Australia & Oceania Champ now NZ Champ
End of Promotion/Relegation Contests
National Tournament Management Goes Hi-Tech
South Island Titles - Replay of 73
Coaching Activity Intensifies
North Island Champs: Lee/Morris Era Tails Off
Extraordinary Stamina by Veteran
Entry of TT into Olympics Scheduled for 1988
Boys Do Well in Australia
TT Leads Other Sports in Junior Awards
NZTTA Pioneer Dies
Bats Go Multi-Coloured


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