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World Championships Shanghai
David Jackson

red carding out of the venue, a Chinese Coach who had already been red carded away from the bench, for shouting instructions to a player.

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L/R: Ben Hurr (Otago secretary)
& Ed Freeman
(from the IHC)

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Official welcoming of Wairarapa Assn to Clareville Stadium

L/R: Jim Collins (Wairarapa President) & Bob Francis (Masterton Mayor)

2005_16.jpg (20419 bytes)

NZ delegates, who bid successfully at the World Championships for NZ to host the 2008 World Junior Championships

L/R: Ron Garrett (TTNZ Board), George Wood (Mayor, North Shore City), John Brockies (Chief Executive, North Shore City), Karen Li (TTNZ Delegate), Paul Murphy (Events Promotions Manager, North Shore City)

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Waikato Player of the Year

Sarah Ho

2005_26.jpg (21718 bytes)
World Junior Circuit - Fiji

Nathan Lowe

The following Table Tennis special awards were presented by former test cricketer, John Parker.

2005_17.jpg (25781 bytes)

Karen Li

National Player of the Year

2005_18.jpg (27963 bytes)

Shane Laugesen

Regional Coach of the Year

2005_19.jpg (30779 bytes)

Lyn Bellamy

Accepting Association of the Year award
on behalf of Waikato Association

2005_20.jpg (26755 bytes)

Ron Garrett

National Official of the Year

2005_21.jpg (26064 bytes)

John Stapleton

National Volunteer of the Year

2005_22.jpg (39711 bytes)

Shona Cudby

Regional Volunteer of the Year



2005_23.jpg (25675 bytes)

Malcolm Darroch

National Veteran Player of the Year

2005_24.jpg (22708 bytes)

Li Chunli

National Coach of the Year


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