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2003_01.jpg (9566 bytes)
Ken Brader - Wairarapa - 90 yrs old

2003_08.jpg (12617 bytes)
NZ Open Vets Champs ChCh
Dennis Galvin & Bill Otene (Waitemata)

2003_06.jpg (17770 bytes)
Averil Roberts
Takes over as Administration Officer TTNZ National Office
August 2003

2003_05.jpg (18528 bytes)
NZ Vets ChCh April 2003 - L/R: Val Beaver, Lynley Barker (NZ)
& Margaret Mulcahy (Aust)

2003_04.jpg (38433 bytes)

Level One Coaching Course - Palmerston North - April 2003

L/R: Back: Andrew Batchelar, Grant Gordon, Blair Paterson, Mike Tate-Davis,
Val Scarr, Murray Holdaway, Mike Ball, Wayne Upjohn,        
Front: Ken Graham, Alan Pedley, James Morris, Jim Jarmin, Janette Richards. Also present: Peter Craven

2003_02.jpg (20292 bytes)

2003_03.jpg (16608 bytes)

Left & above: NZ Women's team training in China
Above: L/R: Karen Li, Li Chunli, Laura-Lee Smith, Tracey McLauchlan


2003_09.jpg (21704 bytes)
L/R: Averil Roberts, Roma Chambers (Aust) & Val Beaver (NH) - Presentation Dinner
NZ Vets Champs Ch Ch

2003_12.jpg (16760 bytes)
Above & right:Artists drawing of proposed changes to Empire clubrooms Petone

2003_13.jpg (17221 bytes)

2003_07.jpg (25730 bytes)

Happy group from both sides of the Tasman at NZ Vets Champs Christchurch

L/R: Ken Cole (Aust), Horst Frohlich (Aust), Kevin Fogarty (NH), Alan Alabaster (Canty),
Werner Borkhardt
(Aust), Doug Pattinson (NH), Michael Ede (Aust), Mick Wright (Aust)

2003_10.jpg (20750 bytes)
Averil Roberts
& Oea Burnett
NZ Vets Champs Ch Ch

2003_11.jpg (22916 bytes)
Magazine envelope labeling time - May 2003
L/R: Ron Menchi, Merv Allardyce, John Kiley,
Kevin Thomas.
Also present on photo duty - Robin Radford

2003_16.jpg (21049 bytes)
Karen Li with her pupils during  coaching lesson:

From rear: Karen, Sophie Shu, Steven Zeng, Ethan Luo,
Terry Zeng, Helen Chen,
inset: Hanson Ling

2003_15.jpg (28235 bytes)
Australian Youth Olympic Festival NZ team - Sydney (above & right)

L/R: Nathan Lowe, Jack Wells, Michelle McCarthy, Sarah Ho, Hanna Squire, Chris Erskine

2003_14.jpg (30103 bytes)
L/R: Helen Codlin (manager), Sarah Ho,
Michelle McCarthy, Nathan Lowe, Chris Erskine


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