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2001_02.jpg (25690 bytes)

NZ Women's Team at Commonwealth Championships.

L/R: James Morris (Coach), Karen Li, Tracey McLauchlan, Li Chunli, Simeon Cairns (Coach).


2001_04.jpg (11347 bytes)
Li Chunli and Simeon Cairns with
Commonwealth Championships Silver
(Women's Singles) and Bronze
(Women's Doubles- with sister Karen) Medals.

2001_15.jpg (2589 bytes)

John Kiley
Administration Officer,
of Table Tennis New Zealand,
1993-2001 based in Wellington


2001_03.jpg (24676 bytes)

NZ Men's Team at World Championships
in new Butterfly-sponsored uniforms.

L/R: Aaron Li, Peter Jackson, Shane Laugesen,
Peter Craven, James Morris

2001_13.jpg (20012 bytes)

Training Camp for the World & Commonwealth Championships

L/R: Front: James Morris, Karen Li, Aaron Li, Li Chunli, Adrian Soh.
Back Row: Tracey McLauchlan, Samuel Coutolleau (England),
Peter Craven, Mark Addis
(Fitness Trainer).

2001_50.jpg (6401 bytes)

Bruce Penberthy

2001_10.jpg (5504 bytes)

John Stapleton

new Board Member

2001_08.jpg (26009 bytes)
Life Members at the Annual General Meeting

L/R: Robin Radford, Ron Menchi, Ron Garrett
(R Garrett elected this AGM)

2001_09.jpg (6069 bytes)
Bob Inns

new Board Member

2001_16.jpg (7359 bytes)
James Morris - TTNZ Board Member, previous New Zealand representative, Northland Association Chairperson. Author - "My Serve" in table tennis magazine TT Info.

2001_19.jpg (8098 bytes)
Kevin Thomas

Administration Officer TTNZ National Office Wellington from November 2001- 2003

2001_36.jpg (25437 bytes)
Passing the keys over. Kevin Thomas (L)
& John Kiley.

2001_18.jpg (5842 bytes)
Long serving Canterbury Association stalwart,
Trevor Flint

2001_32.jpg (15373 bytes)

2001_29.jpg (5471 bytes)
Left  & above:
Tracey McLauchlan

Top NZ player and representative

2001_14.jpg (10893 bytes)
Nathan Lowe
Auckland March 2001

Wellington’s "Naked Man" Takes Up Table Tennis

The Evening Post publishes the "Adventures of Naked Man" each week and invites its readers to submit captions, a selection from which are published the following week. With the kind permission of the artist, Robert Gott of Melbourne, we publish a 2001 effort featuring table tennis.

2001_26.jpg (17756 bytes)

Some of the leading captions were:

"It was the strangest method of vasectomy that the other urologists had ever observed." (This was the winner).

"Bill was suddenly glad he didn’t play volleyball."

"It was at that moment Jacob was glad it wasn’t archery."

"Temporarily distracted by the Mexican Wave, Naked Man paid a severe penalty."

"Roger misunderstood the coach, who had told him that to score a point in table tennis one had to keep the ball on the table."

There were several submissions of "Ouch!"

2001_34.jpg (18179 bytes)
at the Empire Club rooms - Petone

2001_30.jpg (31432 bytes)

Manurewa Club

Extended Clubrooms

2001_24.jpg (20505 bytes)

Merv Allardyce holding a piece of the new floorcovering
at the Empire Table Tennis Club, Hutt Valley.
Covering was used at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

2001_27.jpg (33461 bytes)

Above & below: Display by Kali Stratford of Blenheim, who investigated the effect of the 40mm ball and won awards through her  great work.

2001_37.jpg (15168 bytes)

Kali Stratford

2001_25.jpg (48604 bytes)


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