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The happy B and C Grade Under 19 and Under 15 Boys teams from Otago at the 1999 New Zealand Championships. Not winners but the C Grade Under 19 team were runners up.

L/R back: Alan Moore (Otago President) Steven Moore, Ben Guy, Yosuke Tao, Stephen Thomas, Daniel Eyre,
Bob Hurr (Coach)
front: David Colwill, Michael Eyre,
Jarrod Stewart, Malcolm Moore.

1999_02.jpg (27945 bytes)
Winners Under 18 Boys and Girls Teams
Australian Open Championships

L/R back: Lisa Boaden, Alison Thomson, Rachel Griffiths,
Deborah Morrison, Mrs Gay Morrison
front: Paul Stewart, Peter Craven, Greg Burton, Anthony Simmons.

1999_05.jpg (27722 bytes)
Hall of Fame - inaugural inductions

L/ R: James Morris (Master of Ceremonies), Murray Dunn,
Alan Tomlinson, Russell Algie, Errol Cheal (seated)

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1999_03.jpg (5063 bytes)
Michael McAvinue.
New Zealand's International Umpire -  He has umpired at World Championships, Olympic Games, and Asian, Oceania, Australia and New Zealand Championships.

1999_06.jpg (23608 bytes)
Canterbury Men's team at the New Zealand Championships

L/R: Albert Yee, Yi-Sien Lin, Lyndon White
(Yi-Sien Lin was Canterbury TT Player of the Year)

1999_07.jpg (18758 bytes).Auckland Stadium

1999_08.jpg (5126 bytes)
New Zealand
Under 13 Boys' Singles Champion
Jonathan Chen

1999_09.jpg (22361 bytes)
Auckland Under 19 Boys' team
NZ Championships Palmerston North

L/R: Allen Tsai, Oscar Elwell, Timote Phua .

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1999_13.jpg (7102 bytes)

Barry Butler

1999_11.jpg (31020 bytes)

L/R: Andrew Gordon, Murray Holdaway, Shona Cudby

Andrew & Shona were joint winners of the
Manawatu Administrator of the Year Award.


1999_12.jpg (26099 bytes)
Current & past staff assist to envelope the magazine.

Clockwise from bottom left: Bryan Thomson, Catherine Thomson, Mike Brown (executive director), Chris Robb, Isabel Cleland, John Kiley (administration officer), Merv Allardyce (ex executive director). Robin Radford was there too - photographic duty!

1999_14.jpg (3226 bytes)

Andrew Gordon

1999_16.jpg (6566 bytes)
Iris Rowntree
(nee Dove)
Photo taken at Auckland Association 75th Jubilee.
Auckland Open Titleholder Women's Singles:
1933, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1943
NZ Open Titleholder Women's Singles
1935 & 1936

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