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page updated:30/03/2016

Table Tennis
New Zealand
celebrates 50 years
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All Champions! All players in this photo taken at the 60th Auckland Assn Jubilee had won the Men's or Women's National Singles Title.
Top Row: Ken Cantley, Peter Jackson, Alan Tomlinson, Richard Lee, Errol Cheal.
Middle Row: Russ Algie, Owen Jaine, Barry Griffiths, Betty Langton (nee Skipper), Kerry Palmer.
Front Row: Anne Noble (nee Stonestreet), Shelley Palmer, Iris Roundtree (nee Dove), Barbara Algie (nee Williams), Barbara Packwood, Chris Little.

Auckland Management Committee

L/R Back Row: John Bower, Sandy McIntosh, Peter Jackson
Mid Row: Phyllis Hoete, Nick Krajancic, Kevin Schick, Jim Coad,
Bill Burns, Peter Ferguson, Roy Munday.

Front Row: Bob Inns, Roger Moses, Dick Rassie, Bob Lassen,
Barbara Lassen, Bruce Penberthy.


L/R: Robert Blair, Wayne Adamson, Kevin Barry,
Kerry Palmer, Richard Lee

Tony Radford
playing in
Hamilton Stadium

Round Tables invented by Gunther Arnt
tried out in Auckland

Auckland Under 18 Boys' team
NZ Championships
L/R: back: Maurice Burns, Nigel Kruse, Brian Magee
front: Barry Griffiths (manager), Paul Whitehead

Auckland Assn 60th Jubilee Committee

L/R: Rear: Ivan Moffat, Bob Lassen, Alan Tomlinson, Jim Coad, Nick Krajancic.
Front: Valley Kwok, Roy Munday, Munday, Bob King, Dick Rassie, Bruce Penberthy

NZ Championships Palmerston North
Auckland Under 15 Boys' team

L/R: rear - Peter Jackson (manager/coach), Stuart Munday,
Blair Quested.

front - Colin Gin, Hagen Bower.


NZ Championships Palmerston North
Auckland Under 18 Girls' team

L/R: rear - Sharon Coad, David Jackson (manager), Lauren Cross.
front - Catherine Cearns, Eileen Hoete.


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