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1977_01.jpg (39126 bytes)
NZ World & Commonwealth Championships team

L/R back : James Morris, Robert Blair, Graham Lassen,
Richard Lee, Athol Attwood
front: Anne Stonestreet, Trevor Flint (coach), Jan Morris

1977_02.jpg (24360 bytes)

NZ Men's Team performs a haka at the opening ceremony
1977 Commonwealth Championships

1977_04.jpg (43091 bytes)
National Junior Girls Coaching School.

L/R back : Robin Murphy, Debbie Looms, Helen Murphy, Sue Bungard,
Vicki Saul, Linda Dyer, Trevor Flint
front: Ruth Lee, Kathryn Bing, Linda Jekel, Lynette Cooke,
Ingrid Jagersma, Diane Wilson

1977_05.jpg (4340 bytes)

Richard Lee

1977_06.jpg (4240 bytes)

Trevor Flint

1977_03.jpg (4846 bytes)

Athol Attwood

1977_07.jpg (5596 bytes)

Yvonne Fogarty


1977_08.jpg (22097 bytes)
NZ Men's team at Guernsey

L/R: J R Morris, G B Lassen, R C Blair, R E Lee

1977_13.jpg (11441 bytes)

Rob Muldoon (Prime Minister) participating at
a Ping Pongathon held to raise finance for the
recently built Auckland Table Tennis Stadium.

1977_10.jpg (6127 bytes)

Barry Butler

South Canterbury Assn

clipplayer1.jpg (9195 bytes)

1977_11.jpg (25820 bytes)

George Hart

Life member
Canterbury Association

1977_12.jpg (32869 bytes)

Circa 1977/8


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