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1969_01.jpg (12726 bytes)
First photgraph
of the Auckland Stadium Dec 1969 -
5 months before it was officially opened.

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1969_06.jpg (18128 bytes)

Alan Tomlinson

1969_04.jpg (4938 bytes)
Bill Hurrey (Northland)
President NZTTA 1968/69

1969_03.jpg (39320 bytes)

Third Annual Age Group Championships - Marlborough Association 1969


1969_05.jpg (32956 bytes)

National Coaching School for Boys, Cambridge.

Back row L/R: J A Brown (assist director), A R Wiseman (club captain), M C Terry (county member), K A Fraser (director).
Middle row: Kevin Wilson (S), Denis Barkla (ST), Craig Owen (WG), Richard Lassen (A), Gary Williams (O), James Morris (N),
Front row: Brian Kane (PB), Richard Lee (H), Graham Lassen (A), Bain Attwood (H), Gary Barkla (ST), Tommy Fraser (C).

Visit of Taiwanese Navel Training Ship crew to Empire Club

L/R: Yvonne Blackett (since Airey), Officers name unknown, John Kiley, Jean Gee

1969_11.jpg (5890 bytes)

Jeanette Boswell
(nee Crosby)

1969_07.jpg (14705 bytes)

Bryan Foster & Alan Tomlinson

1969_09.jpg (6705 bytes)
Terry O'Carroll

1969_08.jpg (16658 bytes)
Presentation Flint & Ward Memorial Trophy
National Coaching School 1969

L/R: Keith Fraser, Richard Lee,
J G Allan
(Mayor Cambridge).


1969_10.jpg (6453 bytes)
Joan Brown

1969_12.jpg (31635 bytes)









Nine former winners of the Men's Open Singles Title, pictured in Auckland at the 1969 Nationals.

L/R back : Murray Dunn (W) (1960-63), Ken Cantley (A) (1936, 37, 46), Russ Algie (O & A) (1939, 40, 45, 47, 49, 51), Alan Tomlinson (A) (1959, 64, 69), Bill Fogarty (O) (1948),
Bryan Foster (O) (1966, 68),
Bob Jackson
(A) (1950, 53-58).
front: Errol Cheal (A) (1934), Frank Paton (A) (1935)

1969_14.jpg (19035 bytes)
Richard Lee

Under 18 Training Camp
Hautapu Hall Hamilton
1969_15.jpg (15520 bytes)


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