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1953_03.jpg (11928 bytes)
NZ Championships Mixed Doubles Final

L/R: Bob Jackson, Margaret Hoar, John Stewart (umpire) June Magorian, Neville Brightwell

1953_01.jpg (12798 bytes)
NZ Championships Women's Singles Final

L/R: Joyce Williamson, Frank Paton (umpire), Margaret Hoar

1953_10.jpg (8963 bytes)

1953_02.jpg (9492 bytes)
NZ Championships Men's Singles Final

L/R: Bob Jackson, Tommy Williams, ?????? (umpire), Trevor Flint

1953_05.jpg (19489 bytes)
NZ Championships  Men's Doubles Final

L/R:  Murray Dunn, John Crossley, Tommy Williams (announcing game), John Stewart (umpire), Owen Jaine, Bob Jackson.

1953_04.jpg (26651 bytes)
New Zealand Championships, Winter Show Building, Wellington

Wellington Table Tennis Executive

L/R back: Keith Pratt, G J Blundell, Bill Scott
Center: H McD McNee, E M Read, W S R (Bill) Jopson, A A Mathews
Front: D Hughes, L M (Laurie) Wilson (Deputy Chairman), T S (Tommy) Williams (Chairman), A H (Alan)  Cross (Secretary), N D Broadworth (Treasurer)

(Photo permission Ref: 1/1-030363-F. Alexander Turnbull Library,
Wellington, New Zealand.


1953_07.jpg (21021 bytes)
Barna Cup Judges at NZ Open Wellington

L/R: Betty Gardner, Vern Mitchell, Margaret Guthrie, Joan Little

1953_06.jpg (19005 bytes)
NZ Championships  Women's Doubles Final

L/R: M McLennan, R Bremner,  Tommy Williams, ?????,
T Evans, J M Williamson

1953_09.jpg (18592 bytes)
L/R: Bryan and Ron Foster (Otago)

1953_18.jpg (8470 bytes)

V M Mitchell

Wellington Teams

L/R back standing: Thyra McGregor, John Sigley, Eileen Brown, John Crossley, Murray Dunn, Pat Quinn
Center seated: Colin Shewan, Audrey Hughes, Keith Pratt (manager), Laurie Wilson, Charlotte Savage
Front On floor: Ann Wah, Tony Darroch

(Photo permission Ref: 1/1-031016-F. Alexander Turnbull Library,
Wellington, New Zealand.

1953_11.jpg (21352 bytes)

H N Ballinger

1953_12.jpg (24191 bytes)

Visit of the Rowe Twins

L/R: Margaret Hoar, Joyce Williamson, Diane Rowe, Rosalind Rowe

Third test in Auckland - Engalnd won 4-1
with Joyce Williamson beating Diane Rowe

1953_13.jpg (27369 bytes)

Beverley Jepson (HV)

18 year old who was the centre of much controversy when she was informed that her short shorts she wanted to wear in the Wellington Open championships would not be acceptable.

1953_14.jpg (34162 bytes)

Auckland Team to play Rowe Twins

L/R: Barbara Packwood, Margaret Hoar, Barbara Williams, Val Leach



Visit of the Rowe Twins

L/R: ?????, Tommy Williams (NZTTA), Rowe Twins (in front),

???? (lady in background), ????

1953_15.jpg (9178 bytes)

Betty Powell

1953_17.jpg (20236 bytes)

1953_16.jpg (36140 bytes)

L/R: Tony Darroch, Alan Tomlinson, John Crossley (the juggler),
Owen Jaine, Murray Dunn