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1950_12.jpg (8782 bytes)
NZ Swathling Cup Team

L/R: John Stewart, John Crossley, Neville Brightwell

and below: Brightwell, Crossley & Stewart

1950_19.jpg (25458 bytes)
(From Evening Post Collection, Alexander Turnbull Library)

1950_01.jpg (18335 bytes)
Doing the Draw at the NZ Championships Christchurch

L/R: Margaret Guthrie (HV), Neville Brightwell (Canty), June Magorian (nee Leathley) (Otago), K Brown (Manawatu), Frank Paton (BOP), A Menzies (Wgton), Noel Taylor (Canty), Mrs Bartrum (Wang), Jim Anderson (Canty), Alan McCallum (Tourn manager). Seated: Miss M Hall (Wgton), Mrs Collins (Sth Cant), Miss Alison Peppler (Canty), Frank O'Gorman (Sth Canty).

1950_03.jpg (23375 bytes)

Wentworth Cabaret - NZ Championships

clip001.jpg (6143 bytes)

1950_04.jpg (22729 bytes)
Auckland Team at NZ Championships
Winners Kean and Teagle Shields

Back -L/R: Alan Wilkinson (captain),  Bob Jackson, Norman Doo (manager & selector), Owen Jaine,
Kevin Dwyer, Brien Dwyer.

front: ??????????

1950_11.jpg (27578 bytes)
Auckland Men's team - NZ Inter-Association Teams Competition - Winners Kean Shield.

Back -L/R: Owen Jaine, Bob Jackson, Kevin Dwyer,
Sitting:  Brien Dwyer, Alan Wilkinson (captain), Norman Doo (manager & selector).

1950_05.jpg (15838 bytes)
??????? Team at NZ Championships
L/R: ???????????

1950_06.jpg (18422 bytes)
Bay of Plenty Team at NZ Championships

L/R:  Ernie Nicholas, Frank Paton,
George Dabb, Bill Beach

1950_07.jpg (22705 bytes)
Hutt Valley Team at NZ Championships

Back L/R: Jack Knowsley, Ellen McNeil, Ted Walsh, Margaret Guthrie, Dick Gray,
Pauline Voice, Eric Hutchinson.

front: Mornica McNull, Ron Sandilands, Ron (Arnold) Voice (manager),
Steve Henderson, Pat Fitzgerald.

1950_08.jpg (25380 bytes)
Otago Team at NZ Championships

Back -L/R:  Neville Brown, Tuppy Mussen,  Ian Menzies,
Neville Brightwell, Albert Kwok,  Allan Kwok
front: Marie McLennan, Phyllis Culling,

June Margorian (nee Leathley), ?????, Dorothy Chapman

1950_10.jpg (14180 bytes)
Auckland Men's team
Winners Kean Shield NZ Champs
L/R: Kevin Dwyer, Bob Jackson, Russ Algie, Owen Jaine (in front)

(Official photo - see above with shield in it - did not include Russ Algie so this caption may not be correct)

1950_09.jpg (19781 bytes)
Wanganui Women's Team at NZ Championships

L/R: Mary Broadbent, Gwen Schneider, Joyce Williams,
Edna Bartrum

1950_02.jpg (16859 bytes)

NZTTA Executive 1950
L/R: Standing: T S Williams, F B Fitzgerald, A E Carncross, J E Brown,
J C McCluskey, W Mullins.

Seated: H A Pyle, K C Wilkinson, V M Mitchell, H N Ballinger

Wellington Association Representatives - NZ Championships

L/R back standing: T E McGregor, J E Stewart, J S Crossley, A F Menzies, C E Savage
front: A M Hughes, L M Wilson (captain), M T Roche (manager),
M M Hoar
(women's captain), Pam Smith


1950_18.jpg (10490 bytes)

Russell Algie

1950_13.jpg (23182 bytes)
Players call on Cardiff's Deputy Lord Mayor.

L/R:back: Jack Borough (NZ), Roothcroft (France), Michel Haguenauer (France), Trevor Flint (NZ), Jack Knowsley (NZ),

front: G Robertson (Austr), Nancy Evans (Sec, Welsh TTA), Deputy Lord Mayor, Mrs & Mr Roland (Belgium).

1950_17.jpg (12134 bytes)
Canterbury Open Singles Champions

L/R: P B (Pat) Spillane & Miss Barbara Packwood

1950_16a.jpg (10425 bytes)
L/R: Miss E McNeil, S A Bremford, F R Paton

1950_16b.jpg (9336 bytes)
Miss M McLennan, F J O'Gorman, Miss J Leathley

1950_16c.jpg (8625 bytes)
T R D Flint, N Taylor, J J Borough

1950_15.jpg (29762 bytes)
Canterbury Association Executive

Standing: R A Livingstone, W J Backhouse, R L Hulston, Mrs B A Dunne, L J Petrie, Miss M Thomson, L J Anderson, D Bisman, S Robson,

Seated: J J Dunne (hon secretary), B M Thorne (vice president), A B McCallum (president), F H G Johnstone (immediate past president), T P Staples (treasurer)

1950_20.jpg (29031 bytes)

Auckland Association produces a training film

L/R: R Algie, and the two producers E Cheal & K Cantlay