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<--This was a delightful programme with rhymes and notes throughout. Some are reproduced here together with some photos:

There was a young lady named Lilly
Could do anything with a pilly
She could cut she could spin
Every game she could win
"cos she played with the men willy-nilly.

There are several young ladies from Otago
On whom we'll proclaim an embargo
They serve far too swift
With  a spin that's a gift
Let's export them as inhuman cargo

There was a young man from the Avon
His drives sent the spectators ravin"
Women said "What a man"
But they're all "also ran"
As his strength for the singles he's savin"

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circa 1947-48

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Hutt Valley Association - representatives

L/R back: J Wall (captain), E McNeill, M Guthrie, R Rashbrooke
middle: G Corbett, E Trask, P Dudley (manager), A Hunt, A Harding
front: K Pointon, Jean Capstick


Wellington Association Representatives

L/R back: L M Wilson (captain), J S Crossley, M Gosling, E Boniface
seated: A Hughes, D R Croxton, E P Marshall (manager), B I Powell, A P Knight
front: R S Gray, B J Eames



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S A (Sid) Bremford
Long Standing and well known Sth Canterbury stalwart.

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Hutt Valley Representatives - NZ Champs
L/R: Alf Harding, Stan Robson, Audrey Wheeler, Margaret Guthrie, George Corbett, Enid Trask,
Jack Wall
(Capt), Ellen McNeill

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Wairarapa Sweetman Shield Holders 1947

L/R back: Mrs J Myers, P Greenlees, K M Miller, R V Giles, I H Coleman, Miss N Andrews
front: Mrs J Gregory, Miss N Lochore, J Haywood (manager), Mrs U Burrows, Miss M M Hoar

If anyone has a better (original) copy of this photo it would be welcome to replace the above.

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Otago team - Kean Shield winners NZ Teams Champs Timaru
L/R: Bill Fogarty, Russ Algie, Paddy O'Driscoll (manager),
Neville Brown, Laurie Howe

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Wellington Women's team NZ Championships

L/R: Misses D Croxton, A Hughes, A P Knight,
B Powell, B Eames

1947_07.jpg (33663 bytes)

Hutt Valley Ladies team

L/R: ?????, Margaret Guthrie, Ellen McNeil, ?????

1947_08.jpg (40731 bytes)

L/R: Audrey Hughes, Albert Kwok, J Stewart, Russ Algie,
Betty Powell, Eric Boniface, M Gosling, Jean Capstick

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W McFarlane
Sth Canterbury Assn

1947_10.jpg (8305 bytes)

Miss B Baigent
Sth Canterbury Assn


1947_11.jpg (8861 bytes)

Mrs P F Baigent
Sth Canterbury Assn

1947_13.jpg (8518 bytes)

I M Cameron
Sth Canterbury Assn

1947_12.jpg (9708 bytes)

C H Plimmer
Sth Canterbury Assn