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Empire Club team (HV)- winners first NZ "Champion of Champions" tournament

L/R: Steve Henderson, Alf Harding, Jack Wall, Harold Chapman.

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North East Valley Club - Dunedin
Ladies winners A & B & Men winners B Grade Competitions

L/R: back: C South, C Hall, E Schlaadt, A Kitchen, W Waterman, I Dawson
Middle: I South, M Palmer, M McBeath, E South, A Little, E Walkinshaw
front: R Stuart, F Ryan, R Thomas, M Duckworth, N Ryan

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Hutt Valley team in Auckland - (thought to be at NZ Champs 1946)

L/R: Back: Pat Rasmussen, Audrey Hunt, Ellen McNeill, Monica Walsh, Margaret Guthrie (Inset).
Front: Cyril Wesley, Harold Chapman, George Corbett, Lawrie Howe,
Jack Knowsley.

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South Island Championships - Timaru

L/R: Valerie Townsend (Women's Singles winner), Bill Fogarty (Men's Singles winner), ??????? (runner up - Women's Singles).


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T J Breayley

Southland Singles (1943-49) and Doubles Champion

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South Island Championships- Timaru
Men's Doubles
L/R: Bill Fogarty, Frank O'Gorman

Wellington Representatives

L/R back: M E Haynes, J S Crossley, M T J Gosling, A Hughes

front seated: M Wareham, L M Wilson (captain), A E Carncross (manager),
D R Croxton, E Boniface