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page updated: 14/03/16

A Collection of Profiles and Articles on Table Tennis Enthusiasts

Contributions Welcome.        (Copyright may apply and before using any of the info, TTNZ should be contacted)
    Brief Profiles -
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Flint, Trevor Family tributes on his 90th birthday 28 Feb 2015
Fogarty, Yvonne Article - friendship, competition and ping pong diplomacy Algie,  Russell
Cataslis, Margaret (nee Hoar)
Dunn, Murray 
Flint, Trevor
Fogarty, Fogarty
Foster, Bryan
Garrett, Ron
Griffiths, Barry
Harding, Alf
Jackson, Bob 
Jackson, Peter
Lee, Richard
Li, Chunli
Li, Karen
Little, Christine
Menchi, Ron
Morris, James
Morris, Jan
Radford, Robin
Tomlinson, Alan
Traill, Neti (nee Davis)
Wilkinson, Ken 
Moffat, Ivan  
Nguyen, Nha  
Patel, Depak