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page updated: 26/03/17

Under 18 Boys Teams      Photo Ref: 2015nzopen/16

L/R back row: Kelson Sadler, Nathan Geraghty, James Tan, ??
middle row: ??
front row:  ???, ???, Nathan Watson, Jae Lee, Victor Ma, ???, Jack Bell, Tom Henderson, Tavish Voight (O)

Under 18 girls teams - Gold and Silver

L/R:  Soo Jin Han, Hyun Jee Yoon, Guiting Liu ,
Ruofei Rao, Nai Xin Jiang

Photo Ref: 2015nzopen/22


L/R: Victor Pollett, Alfred dela Pena, Kelsey Amor,
Victor Ma, Roger Wang, Allen Zhao, Dean Shu

L/R: Michael Zhang, Tayla Nesbit

L/R: Lyndon White, Vladimir Ivanov, James Harter, Matthew Heatherington,
Mark Page, Yang Lun Zhang

Craig Dye


Photo Ref: 2015nzopen/27

Photo Ref: 2015nzopen/34

Photo Ref: 2015nzopen/28

L/R: Simon Fenwick, Eugene Hawyn


L/R: Nai Xin Jiang, Ruofei Rao, Sarah Sandley, Zhiying Cheng, Tianyi Li, Vicky Fan Yang,
Helen Choi, Guiting Lu, Timea Tapai, Ola Ratka


L/R: Vicki Li, Guiting Lu

L/R: Jong Eub Han, Ivo Mikulec


Photo Ref: 2015nzopen/37

Photo Ref: 2015nzopen/38

Photo Ref: 2015nzopen/39

Teng Teng Liu

Natalie Paterson

Ben Duffy

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