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page updated: 31/01/17

New Zealand Open Championships - Christchurch

L/R: Ewen Wong, Lydia Mercer-Beumelburg,
 Sophie Zhang, Rachel Li

Photo Ref: 2015nzopen/02

L/R:  Jason Sivilay, Yang Lun Zhang, Nathan Xu

L/R: Zhiyang Cheng, Jaiyi Zhou

L/R: David Guo, Jason Sivilay

L/R: Grant Wilson, Jesse Wilson,
Bryan McConnachie, Depak Patel

L/R: Tom Henderson Jesse Wilson

L/R: Alan Moore,
Weizhong I Jiang
(Coach of the Year)(A)

L/R: Alan Moore,
Tom Henderson
(Most Improved Player)

Shane Warbrooke

L/R: Dean Shu (Junior Player of the Year),
Alan Moore

L/R: Nathan Xu (Junior of the Year),
Alan Moore

L/R: Kevin Lin, Kelsey Amor

Carl Rodmel (S)
Junior Umpire of the Year

Photo Ref: 2015nzopen/13

L/R: Back row: Gavin Ding, Nathan Xu, Jason Sivilay, Ivan Zhou, ????, ????, ????
front row: ????, ????, ?????, Ben Zhou, David Guo, Jaiden Thammavongsa

Photo Ref: 2015nzopen/14

L/R: Back row: ???, ???, ???,  James Tan, Kelson Sadlier, Nathan Geraghty, ???, ???, ???
Front row: all ???

Photo Ref: 2015nzopen/18

L/R: Rachel Li, Sophie Zhang, ???, ???,
Zhiying Cheng, Zoe Ngo, Abbey Webb

Photo Ref: 2015nzopen/12

L/R back row:  ???, ???, ???, ???, Jason Wu, Kadin Su, Jason Chak
middle row: ???, ???, Matthew Wu, Alex Mei, Jim Sha, Kevin Lin, ???, ???, ???
front row:  ???, ???, ???, David Walle, Owen Wong, Alex Wilson (C) Damian Mitchell, Carl Rodmel, Caleb Duffy, Andrew Fleming (S)

Photo Ref: 2015nzopen/19



L/R: Connor Nesbit, Ola Ratka

Photo Ref: 2015nzopen/15
L/R:  Back Row:
Middle: Soo Jin Han, Hyun Jee Yoon, Ola Ratka, ??? Huiling Vong, ???
Front Row: Guiting Liu, Ruafei Rao,
Nai Xin Jiang


L/R: Kelly Wu, Grace Qin, Jocelyn Lam,
Lydia Mercercer Beumelburg,
Jaiyi Zhou, Ewen Wong, Juliana Hung

L/R: John Lea, Owen Wong, Alex Wilson, Kevin Lin,
Matthew Wu, Alex Mei, Jim Sha

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