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2003_18.gif (7545 bytes)
Graeme Muller
Chairman TTNZ

2003_19.jpg (5112 bytes)
John Elliott
North Taranaki

2003_20.jpg (5761 bytes)
John Stewart
Long time TTNZ executive member

2003_21.jpg (13852 bytes)
Red Star Table Tennis Club

40th anniversary celebration cake

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2003_27.jpg (22460 bytes)
Red Star Club foundation member Betty Thomson
and Patron Bill Willoughby cut the Jubilee Cake (left)

2003_23.jpg (17371 bytes)
Helen Codlin (NZ) & Wang Nan (Women's World Champion) at the World Championships

2003_24.jpg (5634 bytes)
Andy Huang

2003_22.jpg (14290 bytes)
Keith Fraser
(at 80 years young)
Life Member TTNZ and Cambridge BHP Club in the Waikato.

2003_25.jpg (46404 bytes)


2003_41.jpg (42455 bytes)

Otago team in Shanghai with former World Women's
Singles Champion (Cao Yanhua)

L/R: Barrie Kendall, Bob Hurr, Robin Sew Hoy, Cao Yanhua,
David Grant, William Sew Hoy, Darryl Lew

2003_26.jpg (69547 bytes)
Coaches gathered for a Level 2 coaching course in Wellington


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