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2002_01.jpg (24124 bytes)
Training Camp – North Harbour Jan 2002

L/R: Helen Codlin (trainer), Katie Stretton, Sarah Ho, Michelle McCarthy, Jennifer Lo, Sophie Shu, Lisa Boaden, Hanna Squire, Jan Berner (coach)


2002_02.jpg (28729 bytes)
Training Camp – North Harbour

Back Row L/R: Tam Rennie, Rhys Van Stipriaan, Geoffrey Smart, Simon Wallace, Nathan Lowe, Shane Warbrooke, Peter Craven, Greg Burton,
Blake Paget, Jan Berner
Front Row: Tom Liu (trainer), Sarah Ho, Brodie Smith, Matthew Lowe,
Billy Lam, Yi Chin Yuen

2002_04.jpg (30718 bytes)
Above: Director of Operations Bob Knight (centre) supervising rising star Alan Thompson showing his winning style at Paraparaumu Mall (Kapiti). Promotion Officer Peter Jones (not in photo) was busy discussing clubs with a prospective member when the photo was taken

2002_05.jpg (41002 bytes)

View in Stadium Southland, Invercargill,   NZ Open Championships

.2002_06.jpg (28484 bytes)
NZ Open Championships Men's Doubles final
L/R: Chen Lei & Johnny Liang, Aaron Li & Simon Wallace (winners), Umpire: Steve Craw

2002_07.jpg (22564 bytes)
NZ Girls' team meet with Adam Sharara (President of the International Table Tennis Federation) at the Oceania Championships in Fiji.

L/R: Hanna Squire, Michelle McCarthy, Sarah Ho,
Mr Sharara, Sophie Shu, Leanne Ridder.

2002_08.jpg (27814 bytes)
North Harbour Social Veterans Teams Day

L/R: June Foote, Harry Sangl and Pauline Gapper with Errol Cheal (seated). Errol was the first ever NZ men’s champion way back in 1934 – and won the World over 80 doubles title in 1991.

2002_12.jpg (27123 bytes)

North Harbour Social Veterans Teams Day

New kitchen/lounge area

2002_09.jpg (5527 bytes)
Tanya Maree Hefferan
(Nee McAvinue)
17.3.68 - 23.7.02
Well known NZ player, who won many titles and represented NZ in the 1980's.

2002_21.jpg (6706 bytes)
Ron Fleming

Chairman - Canterbury Assn.

2002_18.jpg (35937 bytes)
The Umpires meet.

L/R (rear): Terry Down, Alan Ward, Dennis Galvin, Bill Burns, Ric Hyden, Jim Jarmin, Brent Stretton
(front): John Stapleton, Robert Dunn, Bruce Penberthy, Phil Males (Australia), Averil Roberts, Michael McAvinue, Val Scarr.

2002_20.jpg (25196 bytes)
At work at an Umpires meet!

L/R: Phil Males (Aust) & Bruce Penberthy.

2002_19.jpg (37599 bytes)
The Oceania Team at the World Cadet Challenge in Hungary in June.

Kiwis present were: (Back left) James Morris (Boys Coach), (3rd from left) Binbin Zhu and (front row 2nd from left) Jiani Hu.


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