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Previous TTNZ Executive Director 1986-96; Empire TT Club Stalwart
since 1969

Merv Allardyce

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Canterbury Veterans Team
NZ Championships

L/R: Dave Samson and Steve Craw

1999_17.jpg (21182 bytes)
Auckland Team NZ Championships Palmerston North
L/R: Anna Danby, Sarah Finch, Hilary Low

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83 year old Bill Matthams (right) and Sam Henderson participating in the Thursday morning club at the new Stadium.
Sam was the Canterbury TT Sportsperson of the Year.

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Murray Finch

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Simon Wallace
 (1999 NZ Junior Player and NZ Junior of the Year)
with Junior Squad Coach Aaron Li

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Peter Jackson

1999_26.jpg (17634 bytes)

John Kiley
settling into his new sole-charge position as
Administration Officer, TTNZ Office, Wellington.

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Canterbury Players & Silverware

L/R: Karl Samson, Aaron Li, Kelly Samson, Dave Samson

1999_27.jpg (38735 bytes)
L/R: Ron Menchi, Merv Allardyce, Alf Harding,
Isabel Cleland, Merle Harding
(visiting Alf Harding)

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New Zealand Team at the Veterans Championships North Harbour


1999_29.jpg (47988 bytes)

NZ team at Australian Junior (Under 14 & 16) Championships at Townsville

L/R back row: Andrew Hovey, Evan Kramer, Simeon Cairns (coach), David McBride (coach), Anthony Wilson, John Cordue
middle row: Adrian Soh, John Stapleton (coach/mamager), Hadleigh Bunce, Andrea Gosney, Laura-Jane Young
front row: Sacha Welsh, Simon Wallace, Sandy Wang, Jennifer Lo, Florence Li, Eileen Schwab


1999_30.jpg (19015 bytes)

Mrs Jane Bunce
(assist manager at Australian Junior  under 14 & 16 Championships)


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