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NZ Championships Hutt Valley
Auckland U19 Boys' team

L/R back: Paul Bowman, Hagen Bower, David Jackson (manager)
front: Aaron Winborn, Craig Dye

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NZ Veterans Championships Christchurch

Gold medallists Over 40 teams

L/R: Harry Dye, Doug Wong, Bob Lassen

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Making Pizzas for the Auckland Junior Travel Fund

L/R: Penny Whitcombe, Kerry Lewis,
Pat Low

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Oceania Championships at Palmerston North - NZ team

L/R: Zhu Hui (coach), Tony Radford, Hagen Bower, Peter Jackson, and Ken Wilkinson (President, Oceania TT Federation and former Executive Officer TTNZ)

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World Doubles Championships Seoul

L/R: Hagen Bower, Peter Jackson

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NZ Championships Hutt Valley
Counties Men's Team

L/R: Kevin Barry, Geoff Rau, Michael Halliday

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Waikato Association Stadium - Hamilton

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Olympic Solidarity Course
Waikato Stadium

L/R: Daniel Astle, Peter Hirst (coach), Donna Murphy

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NZ Veteran Championships function

L/R: Doreen Bridson from Perth and Barbara Dye

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Barry Butler (NZ Vice President) presents Junior of the Year trophy to Tracey O'Connell (SC)

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Louise McFarlane & Barry Butler pose for a photo to record South Canterbury Association's Sponsorship from Trust Bank

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Oceania Championships - Palmerston North

Tony Radford

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NZ Championships

L/R back: Alan Baines, Martin Smithies, Chris Talbot
front: Jean Radford, Caron Watson, Lyn McKay

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NZ Championships

Auckland Men's team

L/R back: Peter Jackson, Pat Low, Hagen Bower
front: Tony Radford, Aaron Winborn