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1986_02.jpg (17442 bytes)
Spot the Ball Competition
Stuart Munday (L)
and David Jackson in Auckland Stadium - raising funds for Stuart Munday & Tracey Lewis to travel to Tokyo for training at Butterfly.
D Jackson went as player/coach.

1986_01.jpg (18094 bytes)
Calendar produced by South Canterbury Assn.
Photos of all teams that participated in the
1985 NZ Open in Timaru were included.

1986_03.jpg (32370 bytes)
NZ Championships Hutt Valley
Auckland Boys' Under 15 Team
L/R back: Bill Burns (manager), Paul Bowman
front: Craig Dye, Aaron Winborn, Gavin Hoete

1986_04.jpg (35841 bytes)
NZ Championships Hutt Valley
Auckland Girls' Under 15 Team
L/R back: Tracey Epps, Stephanie Hanson
front: Alana Thomson, John Patterson (manager), Luana Graham.

1986_05.jpg (18382 bytes)

A Point Being Made!

The temperature was the point in this protest against a long standing rule which prohibits players from wearing tracksuits or slacks when playing in a match.

The 1986 New Zealand Championships, in Lower Hutt, saw Kerry Palmer (L) and Wayne Adamson display impeccable dress but regretfully it was the "wrong stuff" for their Men‘s Doubles semi-final, and they were forced to forfeit the match.

"It gets so cold playing in some stadiums" said Wayne. "Some players thought it was great but others thought we were idiots".

Whatever, a huge 30 x 16 cm photo (reproduced here in miniature) plus an article appeared in the NZ Herald at the time.

1986_06.jpg (33619 bytes)
Otago Under 18 Teams at NZ Championships

L/R back: Andrew Marr, Debbie Foster,
Jennie McMurren, Gary Traill

front: David Pyper, Deanne Holden, Mr G Bellamy (manager), Tracey Woods, Chris Sparrow


1986_17.jpg (13658 bytes)

Anne Sparrow

Otago's first woman President

1986_07.jpg (33615 bytes)
Auckland Men's Team

L/R back: (Three smooth guys!) - Peter Jackson, Sean Ryan, Kerry Palmer
front: Alan Tomlinson, Richard Lee

1986_08.jpg (22658 bytes)

1986_10.jpg (19601 bytes)

Hutt Valley Junior playing in Under 15 Teams Event
NZ Championships

David Allardyce

1986_16.jpg (30373 bytes)

Otago Under 18 Boys'Team - Winners Inter-assn

L/R back: Chris Sparrow, Greg Bellamy (assist manager), Gary Traill

Front: David Pyper, Andrew Marr

1986_15.jpg (16115 bytes)

At the Australian Veteran Champs - Sydney

L/R: Rhys Morris, Gerry Doyle, John Lelliott

    clipbatball.jpg (7449 bytes)


1986_12.jpg (35458 bytes)

North Island Women's Veterans Team

L/R back: Joyce Shewan, Joyce Coleman
Christine Cunningham, Geoff Rau
(manager), Pat McArthur

1986_11.jpg (43891 bytes)

NZTTA Executive

L/R: Back row: Michael McAvinue, John Beatson, Averil Roberts, Pat Low,
Les Roughton, David Jackson, Gary Marshall

Front row: Merv Allardyce (Executive Officer), Ron Menchi (Chairman),
Dick Lynn (Treasurer), Robin Radford (Deputy Chair), Peter Hirst

1986_13.jpg (38883 bytes)

Hamilton Women's Team

L/R back: Joyce Shewan, ????Bjelke? (manager),
Joyce Coleman
front: Jane Bevan, Linda Shewan

NZ Championships
Auckland Over 40 Team

L/R: Dave Deans, Robert Dunn

1986_14.jpg (41343 bytes)

Northern Regional Coaching School

L/R back: Robert Aitken (H), Gary Shewan (H), Allan Smith (H),
Grant Hayson
(NL), Peter Hirst (director).
Middle: Tracey Lewis (A), Stephanie Hanson (A), Diane Gallagher (H), Kim McKegg (NL), Lisa McKegg (NL), Sarah Munday (H).
Front: Lance Graham (BOP), Gavin Hoete (A), Paul Bowman (A), Mathew Sexton (CN), Mark Halliday (CN), John W Sexton (CN)

(A much better photo would be welcome)

1986_18.jpg (58180 bytes)

L/R back: Judy Jeffery (manager), Caron Watson
front: Lynn MacKay, Jean Radford, June Campbell


1986_19.jpg (49316 bytes)

L/R back: Mark Hawes, Malcolm Temperley
front: Malcolm Darroch, Tony Radford

More Photos needed for all years!

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