1983 - NZ Open 1

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Northland Under 15 Boys' winning team.
L/R: Lance McKegg, Murray Traill, Gary Traill, B Maugham, with Ron Garrett presenting.

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Auckland Under 15 Boys' team
L/R: Stuart Munday, Martin Farrell, Maurice Burns,
Colin Gin.

front: Bill Burns (manager)

1983nzo_08.jpg (26913 bytes)
Auckland Under 18 Girls' Team
Selected to fill vacancy in C Grade.
L/R: Graeme Davies (manager), Joanne Thomson,
??????, Luana Graham

1983nzo_09.jpg (30386 bytes)
Auckland Under 18 Girl's team

L/R: Catherine Cearns, Annmaree Higarth, Gina Stapleton, Eileen Hoete. seated: Kerry Grimmer (manager).

1983nzo_10.jpg (28929 bytes)
NZ Championships - Franklin Senior Teams

Back row: Wayne Adamson, Malcolm Darroch, Kevin Barry, Robert Gross
Front: Geoff Rau, Linda Jekel, Val Beaver, Bernadette Halliday, Pat McArthur, Alan Pedley

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1983nzo_12.jpg (31009 bytes)
Auckland Under 15 Girls' team
L/R: Donelle Fischer (manager), Gina Sell,
Sharon Coad, Elizabeth Watson

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1983nzo_16.jpg (29393 bytes)
NZ Championships Auckland Under 18 Boys' team

L/R: Raymond Gin, Sean Ryan, Trevor Coad, Guy Palmer. Seated - David Jackson (manager)

1983nzo_04.jpg (25427 bytes)
Kapiti Women's Team - NZ Championships

L/R: June Campbell, Lyn McKay, Robin Radford (manager), Caron Watson, Jean Radford.

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Kapiti Men's Team - NZ Championships

L/R: Michael Radford, Ray Hardy, Robin Radford (manager), Ross Talbot, Tony Radford

1983 - NZ Open 1

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