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page updated: 18/03/15

New Zealand Open Championships - Timaru

Thanks to Table Tennis South Canterbury for the 1977 NZ Open photos supplied (unless otherwise stated)

1977nzopen_01.jpg (28224 bytes)

L/R: back: ??????, Peter Root, Jack Kyle (manager), ????
front: ???????????

1977nzopen_02.jpg (24720 bytes)

1977nzopen_03.jpg (31220 bytes)

L/R back: Sonny Rivers, Chip Eade, ??????, ??????
front: ?????, Judy Moyle, ??????

1977nzopen_06.jpg (30415 bytes)

L/R: back: Malcolm Darroch, ???????, ???????
front: Sue Shirrifs, ??????, Diane Ord?

1977nzopen_04.jpg (32041 bytes)

L/R:   L/R Kheng Yee Lai, Evonne Flavell, Lloyd Richards, Christine McGregor,
David Williment, Kay Kelly, Ivan Houghton (Manager)

1977nzopen_07.jpg (22312 bytes)

L/R: Phillip Brazier, Neville Butler, Bryan Thomson

1977nzopen_05.jpg (37756 bytes)

1977nzopen_08.jpg (33028 bytes)

1977nzopen_09.jpg (37638 bytes)

L/R back : Geoff Rau, Robert Blair, David Jackson, Robert Gross
front: Linda Jekyl, Kathy Fraser, Val Beaver, Judy Brandt

1977nzopen_10.jpg (23290 bytes)

L/R: rear: Joyce Harris, Jean Radford, Louise Roberts
front: Tony Rutledge, Chris Talbot, Ross Talbot

1977nzopen_11.jpg (31778 bytes)

L/R back: Ryan Sonntag (manager), Trevor Hall, Gary Williams,
Martin Duffy, Graham Gall.
front: Ruth Foster, Stephanie Bing, Carol Young, Leigh Grinlinton

1977nzopen_14.jpg (28005 bytes)

L/R: Ngaire Garrett, Lena McCauley, Nola Falconer

1977nzopen_12.jpg (36830 bytes)

L/R: back: Alan McCallum, Maurice Burrowes,
Wayne Adamson, John Armstrong.

front: Thelma May, Yee Chow Boi, Phillipa Marks, Jan Morris, Trevor Flint

1977nzopen_15.jpg (23727 bytes)

1977nzopen_27.jpg (24422 bytes)

1977nzopen_28.jpg (40524 bytes)

L/R: Keith Pointon, Bill Fogarty, Frank O'Gorman

(From Errol Cheal photos)


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