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North Island team

L/R: Richard Lee, Gary Murphy,
Alan Tomlinson, James Morris

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1973 NZ Senior training squad

L/R back: Barbara Taylor, James Morris, Bain Attwood, Gary Murphy, Alan Tomlinson, Maurice Burrowes, Cathy Tadema, Adrian Lust.
front: Jan Morris, Kerry Palmer, Yvonne Fogarty, Trevor Flint (Director),
Neti Traill, Thelma May, Kathy Fraser

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New Zealand Championships
Winners Under 16 Boys' Doubles

L/R: Alistair (age15) & Stuart Armstrong (13)

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Medal Ceremony Commonwealth Championships Cardiff

shaking hands and receiving bronze medal: Yvonne Fogarty

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1973_09.jpg (17755 bytes)

L/R: Richard Lee, Nelson Tizard

Created history in Wanganui when they became the first NZ'ers
to win a  match (doubles) off the Japanese touring team

1973_07.jpg (24344 bytes)
South Island team - NZ Championships

L/R: Maurice Burrowes, Bryan Foster,
Wayne Adamson, Ling Nan Ming

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Commonwealth Championships
Cardiff,  Wales

Alf and Merle Harding

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North Island Championships

L/R: Neville Brightwell, Dick Rassie??, Frank O'Gorman, Keith Pointon

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Japan V Otago

L/R: Bryan Foster, John Angus, Ruth Foster, Carol Young

1973_13.jpg (15902 bytes)

Japan V Otago

L/R: Bryan Foster, John Angus


1973_14.jpg (26750 bytes)

Otago Men's Team to NZ Championships

L/R: Barrie Kendall, Ryan Sonntag, Bryan Foster, John Angus, Alistair Kirk

1973_15.jpg (26125 bytes)

Otago Women's Team to NZ Championships

L/R: Jim Steedman, Carol Young, Noeline Ellis, Nancy Wilson, Ruth Foster