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1938_01.jpg (22050 bytes)
St Peter's Table Tennis Club Wellington
Winners WTTC E Grade Competition

L/R: T Salmon, N Smart, E Stevens, H Tilley, J Haines,
sitting: A E Beere

The above original photograph mounted on card was returned from Cumbria UK in 1985 when it was unearthed in a farmhouse attic. It was thought it belonged to a Miss Salmon whose nephew Jim Salmon was Harbour Master in Wellington. The photo finished up with Alf Harding of Lower Hutt.

1938_04.jpg (24206 bytes)

Click on cover for full programme

1938_05.jpg (54594 bytes)

Otago Players - Left Hand side 4 players each row. Southland Players - Right Hand side 4 players each row.
back row: L/R: Frank Foster, Joe Pollock, Lachie Ramsay, Stewart Archer
Middle row: George Claridge, W J Griffin, Miss J Watson, Ester Lock
front row: Miss L Cormack, Mrs Craig, Miss C Brown, Evelyn Knight
(Name info taken from Otago 75th anniversary book)
back row L/R: Stan Robson, Bernie Hollander, Don Hamilton, Jim Ferguson
Middle row: Miss M Shand, Mrs Moria McGrath, J Louden, Tom Breayley
front row: Mrs Robson, Mrs Maria Marriott, Miss Tui Ferns, Miss Dothory Stott.

Otago won 99 to 45 games


1938_02.jpg (43052 bytes)
South Island Trip - Christchurch?

1938_03.jpg (25404 bytes)

1938_13.jpg (8563 bytes)

A S Meachen

New Zealand's first selector in International Table Tennis

1938_06.jpg (31452 bytes)

Wellington Championships
Kilbirnie Club

L/R: R V Giles (C), W T McFarlane, E H Faulkner,
L Wilson, E Boniface

1938_08.jpg (12209 bytes)

Morris Friend

Top Junior in Otago & Southland

1938_07.jpg (41297 bytes)

South Island Championships - Christchurch

1938_10.jpg (15533 bytes)

E Cheal

circa 1938

1938_09.jpg (16142 bytes)

Otago Interclub - Winners B1 Shield

L/R: A E Dobson, F B Stanton (OTTA Sec), J Philip, R Tucker

1938_11.jpg (33618 bytes)

Visit of Hungarian Stars

L/R: H Boys, Laslo Bellak (Hungary), Viktor Barna (Hungary), K Cantley

1938_12.jpg (27316 bytes)

L/R: K Cantley??, ?????????(umpire), Viktor Barna

Probably at the Wellington Town Hall